Dear Editor,

On the morning of March 20, 2007, around 7 am, I got a call from a lady telling me of a dog at the corner of Hadfield and Lombard St, lying on the pavement in a pool of blood. I drove to the site hoping things would be quiet but it was buzzing with activity. I looked around, saw no dog and begin asking persons nearby.

One man said, “Yes” he had seen the dog and “it looked like someone had chopped it across its belly,” but he did not know where it went. About to give up, I decided to look in the trenches. As I looked down the bank, I saw the most sickening sight.

The poor dog lay at the edge of the water in a pool of blood with its intestines scattered about, but still alive.

People passing covered their faces unable to look at the ghastly mess, just shaking their heads in sadness and disgust. It was extremely emotional and with tears running down my face I pulled my vehicle closer and with the help of a kind mini-bus driver we lifted the dog out of the trench and put it into a dog kennel I keep in my car.

The dog was in such a state of shock it didn’t have the strength to whimper let alone try to bite.

What could this dog have done to a “human being” to deserve such treatment?

When I asked several people if they knew about the GSPCA, all said they did not. The GSPCA needs to expand its efforts to reach out to and inform the general public of its services.

It is our duty, as humans to help reduce, not add to, animal suffering! We all must speak out against such evil. Such cruelty must cease and perpetrators must be punished!

Yours faithfully,

Syeada Manbodh

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