Women artists hosting sale at the library

The Guyana Women Artists Association (GWAA) said intricate ceramic, painting and other pieces from 12 artists are on sale at the National Library.

According to a press release GWAA president and longstanding association member Anna Correia has on display a number of intricate and original pen and ink drawings using dots and lines to depict Guyanese characters and scenes, at the sale, which started on Monday. Other artists who have works on sale include Irene Gonsalves, Norma Woolford, Nyota Kilkenny, Jynell Osborne, Meerleen Forde, Sonia Hamilton, Kathleen Thompson, Marilyn and Marcelle Correia, O’Donna Allsopp and Danuta Radzik.

Gonsalves, who has been creating ceramic pieces for many years has a wonderful display of pots, while Woolfood, whose ceramic pieces have a different style from Gonsalves, have moulded and hand-built pieces on sale. Kilkenny’s pieces comprise original landscape paintings, which have an interesting texture to them and evoke the environment rather than represent it. Kilkenny along with Osborne, Forde and Hamilton also has textile pieces, including tie-dye, discharge and a combination of these textures and hand painted pieces on sale. Garments as well as yard-length pieces of cloth decorated with these techniques are also available.

Thompson’s pieces are pen and ink drawings and small hand-painted ceramic plates while Marilyn and Marcelle Correia, both well-known jewelers, have earrings, brooches and pendants made from Guyana’s semi-precious stones and other materials for sale. These pieces are all handcrafted and original the release said. Allsopp, one of the GWAA’s earliest members, has cards on sale. The cards are the reproduction of some of her well-known paintings of Guyana. Radzik also has cards for sale. Her cards depict the birds of Guyana.

The GWAA said the sale ends on Wednesday.

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