Following joint commission session

Guyana and Barbados are expected to arrange a number of exchanges as they strive to strengthen development in areas such as agriculture, tourism and other areas of mutual interest.

Following the inaugural joint commission between the two countries that wrapped up on Thursday, they agreed to develop sector-specific arrangements in the said areas and also in culture, education, immigration and security, trade and investment. They also agreed to meet regularly with the next session scheduled for 2009 in Barbados.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, Teresa Marshall, at the close of the session said the discussions were rich and in-depth. She said the two countries only touched the surface of many important issues to be explored during the two-day session. Marshall also said the activity at the sectoral level needs to be developed and sustained adding that the Barbadian delegation was impressed with the high level of local expertise that was present for the session.

John Isaacs, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation, said that he was satisfied with the outcome of the discussions and the extent to which issues were addressed. He said the discussions were respectful, adding that the next step would be to follow-up on the promises made at the session. In strengthening cooperation, the two countries have agreed to enhance the sharing of information and experiences; opening channels of communication and facilitating contacts between key stakeholders.

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