Republic Bank pledges $6M to development programmes

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited last week pledged more than $6M towards the development of sport and education for 2007/2008 when it formally launched its community programme, the ‘Power to Make a Difference’, locally at the Bank’s New Market Street headquarters.

In his address Chairman David Dulal-Whiteway said the bank will intensify its commitment to the issues of youth development and poverty alleviation. To this end the bank will continue its collaboration with the University of Guyana in the form of an offer of a scholarship tenable at the university and awards for outstanding academic achievement at both campuses.

The Bank is also expected to launch the ‘Republic Bank World of Work’ programme which aims to prepare high school and university graduates for the world of work. The programme, the chairman said, has enjoyed success in Trinidad and he is confident of its successful implementation here. Further, Dulal-Whiteway said, the Bank will collaborate with the Ministry of Education and invest $1M to refurbish a school in need and another $1M to provide supplies and equipment, in a variety of sporting disciplines, to schools in need as identified by the ministry. The Bank will also reward the top performers at all the national examinations each year on their achievements.

The chairman also said the Bank will continue its annual sponsorship, in the sum of $3M, of its RightStart National School’s under-15 cricket series.

Additionally, the Bank said it intends to contribute over $5M to the maintenance of the Promenade Gardens, a project it collaborated on with the Mayor and City Council. In keeping with its creed of holistic social development Dulal-Whiteway pledged $2M to the restoration of the Theatre Guild which it hopes will not only help to restore its structure but also “see a rebirth of the institution’s proud heritage of cultural excellence.”

The chairman also reaffirmed the Bank’s commitment to its sponsorship of a room at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital which can be utilised by persons who need hospital care but are unable to afford the cost. Dulal-Whiteway said $120,000 will go towards the annual upkeep of the room’s furniture, fixtures and accessories. The Bank said a number of organisations will also benefit from $750,000 in assistance for basic infrastructural and other needs.

Meanwhile, Managing Director Edwin Gooding pointed out that the Bank’s commitment to the Guyanese people demonstrates its wish to make a positive difference in community and social work development plans so that lives can be enhanced.

He said organisations do not dwell solely on investments to excel in the marketplace but they depend on the strength of their interpersonal relationships and the value of their human resources. Gooding said the Bank is taking its role in Guyana to more innovative and competitive levels but also intends to make an impact on the “social and community development of this country by enhancing the culture, literacy levels, sports activities, education, youth development and poverty alleviation programmes that have been put in place for the benefit of those who stand to benefit the most.”

Also, in his address Mayor Hamilton Green said the Bank’s initiative will help to fulfil the dreams of youths and other citizens.

He said “we dream and demand conditions for building a shared prosperity and collective security in the reality of a world which can be described as a global village. Green also said he is hopeful that other companies and businesses will emulate the Bank’s example.

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