AFC first national executive committee meeting on Nov 3

The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it will be convening its first full National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on November 3.

In a press release the party said youngsters from Sophia and 50 seniors were treated to a luncheon held at the Pattensen Community Centre on Saturday. It was organised by NEC member Sixtus Edwards and the AFC’s South Ruimveldt group. The party also said Vice-Chair Sheila Holder, Chief Executive Officer Clayton Hall and newly elected Region Four NEC member Denise Walcott, Gavin Hope and Dominic Gaskin attended the fete.

Meanwhile the party said it joins with other parliamentary political parties, civil society groups and all patriotic Guyanese in celebrating the successful outcome of the United Nations Arbitral Maritime Boundary Award announced in September.

The AFC said it was indeed a great day when the “unanimous decision of this august body fully and finally settled the maritime boundaries” between Guyana and Suriname. It also said the award “must be seen by all as a positive instance where the resolution of disputes can be settled in a dispassionate and peaceful manner.”

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