Breeze shoppers storm off with more than $500,000 in goods

Bryden and Fernandes said another six lucky shoppers created havoc in the aisles at NS Mattai and Company in the final round of the Breeze Spree like Madness promotion.

In a press release the company said the winners shopped for 15 to 60 seconds in the promotion held on Tuesday night. Erica Bobb “blazed the aisles” taking away $201,040 in goods in one minute. Carmalita Jalliel stormed off with $114,475 in items in half a minute; Leyland Eastman took $94,405 in items in 25 seconds; Romeo McAdam took $38,035 in items in 20 seconds and Dankumar Ram Singh, who filled in for his sister Surujdai Ram Singh, took $27,987 worth of items in 15 seconds. Gerald Charles also took $88,148 of goods.

The release said the final round saw shoppers taking a total of $564,090 in items. The promotion saw 18 shopping spree winners and 22 community spree winners walking away with a grand total of $1,629,972 in items. The promotion was launched three months ago.

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