Guyana should legislate for ‘Agency Shop’

Guyana should legislate for union security, according to Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and Bar-buda who declared the Guy-ana Labour Union’s (GLU) 5th Triennial Delegates Conference open on Monday evening at the Tower Hotel.

This year’s GLU conference which closes later today is being held under the theme “Consolidating our gains as we face future challenges”. The GLU was founded by Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow, the father of trade unionism in Guyana.

Spencer in his opening remarks said there needs to be unity among trade unions locally and he recalled the days when Caribbean trade unions took an example from Guyana. “Years ago trade unions in the Caribbean got their determination from Guyana and I still believe that we can go back to those days,” Spencer said.

Prime Minister Spencer also noted that the trade union movement is the foundation of Caribbean society, while raising the issue of union security and economic survival.

“The question of union security comes to mind

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