Confessed thieves get eight years jail

Principal Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle yesterday sentenced two men to eight years imprisonment, after they confessed to breaking into homes, on the advice of a woman, and stealing items worth over $2M while the alleged mastermind was remanded.

Twenty-one-year-old John Grant, a mason of 66 Sixth Street, Alberttown and Darell Saul, 19, a labourer of 36 North Ruimveldt, pleaded guilty to three charges of break and enter and larceny. Coleen Blair Gilgeous, 30, a shop owner who resides at 1980 Nutmeg Street, Festival City was slapped with the same charges but she pleaded not guilty.

According to the facts of the case between July 1 and September 5, at Guyhoc Park, they broke and entered the dwelling house of Vernon Walton and stole one generator, one DVD player, one five-disc stereo set and other articles all to the total value of $380,000. Also, between September 12 and 13 they allegedly broke into the same house and stole one computer system, one stereo set and a quantity of groceries all totalling $2 million. And, between September 3 and 13 they allegedly broke into the house of Dwayne Andrew Evans and stole one CD player, one Jwin CD player, one portable radio set, two pairs of Clark shoes, four pairs of sneakers and other items valued at $211,000.

Gilgeous’ attorney, Peter Hugh, said his client was innocent of the charges.

Saul told the court that he went to Gilgeous’ shop and overheard her talking with Grant about a generator that they allegedly stole from Walton’s home while he was overseas. He said they then asked him to accompany them to the man’s house, which was left open. Saul said they stole the listed items and took them to Gilgeous’ home.

In relation to the second home they broke into, Saul said Gilgeous told them that the occupant was her friend and that she was in Suriname. They went to the home in search of gold and when they found none Saul said that Gilgeous advised them to take something valuable after which they returned to her (Gilgeous’) home.

Grant told the court a similar story adding that Gilgeous called him on his cellular phone while he was at Evans’ home and advised him to search everywhere for gold.

Police Prosecutor Sherwin Matthews told the court that Gilgeous is the mastermind behind the crimes. He objected to her being granted bail as more charges are likely to be laid against her since booty from other robberies was found in her home.

The Magistrate sentenced the two men to four years incarceration each on the three charges but said that one of the sentences will run concurrently while the other will run consecutively. They will serve eight years. Gilgeous was remanded until November 8.

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