Montrose worried about overtopping of koker dam

Some residents of Montrose, East Coast Demerara are concerned about the overtopping of the koker dam during high tide and they fear this will weaken it and flood the community.

During the high tide yesterday afternoon, water from the Atlantic flowed over the koker onto the land. The water streamed over several parts of the dam and caused some flooding at the side of the road.

Some residents told Stabroek News that the water started to overtop at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. They said it was not the first time this had occurred and only the week before, a Hymac was brought into the area to rectify the problem on another part of the dam. That part of the dam was built up and no water overflowed.

They added that a possible solution would be to raise the entire koker dam and not wait until there is overtopping. They said that the last time the water overtopped it did not flood as much. The water was not threatening to flood the yards.

However, residents felt that the dam was getting worse during the high tides and feared that if it continued the entire dam would go. The residents were yesterday hoping that it did not rain since they said this would add to their problems. The tide was expected to drop before nightfall yesterday.

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