Three to be charged over missing plane

At least three persons are expected to be arraigned in court later this week in connection with an aircraft which went missing some two weeks ago from an airstrip in Anna Regina on the Essequibo coast.

According to a source the pilot of the aircraft, his wife and a man are expected to be charged.

To date the investigators have not been able to locate the missing aircraft.

According to initial reports sometime between the 14th and 15th of this month the aircraft went missing. Since the disappearance of the aircraft, three officials of Fenix Airways, the company which leased the aircraft, were detained.

They were subsequently released after habeas corpus writs were filed in the high court on their behalf.

Air Services had sold the plane to Fenix Airways Inc about a month ago, but the company did not pay in full and as such the registration of the aircraft has remained with it pending full payment. Residents had told this newspaper that they had seen the aircraft circling before touching down on the Sunday in question. According to them, they saw what appeared to be persons refuelling the plane before it took off once again.

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