Washed-up bound bodies for autopsy

Police in Berbice are continuing intense investigations into the shocking discovery of the decomposing bodies of two males, believed to be of Caucasian descent, which were found at different points on the Corentyne on Saturday and Thursday.

Yesterday Commander of ‘B’ Division, Clinton Conway told this newspaper that they were still trying to ascertain whether the two deaths are linked even as they attempt to learn the identities of the two men. The men are not thought to be Guyanese. Conway could not say if a post-mortem will be done on the bodies today.

So far no one has come forward with any information on the two men.

Both of the men’s hands and feet were bound together with pieces of green rope, giving the impression that they may have been killed by the same person(s). Their heads were completely bald and their teeth, eyes, ears and parts of their face were missing indicating that the men might have been tortured before being killed. It is believed that immersion in the ocean water for long periods can lead to skin bleaching so the police are not ruling out the possibility that the men are Guyanese.

A fisherman bumped into the body on Saturday morning as he was going to check his seine and he had told this newspaper the man’s hands and feet were tied together in front, almost in a crouching position and his body was braced on a mangrove tree. He was dressed in a pair of “grayish” shorts and cream-coloured t-shirt. Meanwhile, the owner of a fish farm at Whim, Ronald Arjune, told this newspaper that on Thursday a gardener saw the other body on the shore in the vicinity of his fish pond and informed him. He said that body was bloated and was clad in a pair of ‘three-quarter’ light-coloured pants and black sleeveless t-shirt and was found face down. His hands and feet were bound together at the back while a part of his left foot below the knee appeared to have been bitten off.

Both bodies are lying at the Ramoo’s Funeral Home.

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