Liverpool man dies after knocked down by brother

Tragedy struck a Liverpool Village family on Sunday night when a GDF corporal knocked down and killed a man later identified as his younger brother.

Dead is 19-year-old Terrence ‘Egg’ Allen who was struck down while crossing the road by motorcar number PDD 9187, driven by his brother Corporal Denis Allen.

According to an eyewitness, a group had gone to see the horse race at Crawford Race Track at Alness earlier in the day and were liming at a popular night spot when ‘Egg’ joined them some time after 6 pm.

Terrence was crossing the road to buy food when a vehicle “come from nowhere and knock this man down, flinging he up in the air” and the body landed some 10 yards away. The witness told this newspaper that the body was badly mangled from the impact. Terrence was pronounced dead at the New Amsterdam Hospital about 15 minutes later.

When Stabroek News spoke with their father, Joseph, the man said when he got a message that his sons had been involved in an accident he never imagined such a tragedy. Joseph, a Special Constable, said Terrence worked as a labourer at the Albion Estate and had slept all day Sunday. He said it was not until late afternoon that the teen left home.

Joseph said, “me nah know why dah boy like fuh eat food so” after hearing that he had gone to purchase food. Joseph said Denis is still in a state of shock as when he called him (Joseph) “fuh know what happen, when we tell he say that he buddy dead, he still can’t believe,” even though he had been told that Terrence had died on Sunday night after they left the hospital.

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