Man in magazine row died from blunt trauma to head

Naipaul Narsingh who was allegedly hit in the head with a piece of wood following an argument with another man died from shock and haemorrhage due to blunt trauma to the head, a post-mortem revealed yesterday.

The man, who lived at a farm at Bloomingfield, Corentyne where he was a caretaker, was found in a pool of blood in the farm house early Saturday evening. A bloodied piece of wood was found next to his body and he had a wound just under his left ear. The man died several hours after he was discovered by his employer, Robindra Persaud and another man. He was taken to two hospitals at Port Mourant and at New Amsterdam, and at the latter his employer was told to take him back to the hospital since he could not be treated properly as he was intoxicated. The man died hours after he was returned to his employer’s residence.

A man, who was said to be the drinking buddy of the 58-year-old father of two, was held by the police early Sunday morning even as he attempted to flee. He allegedly admitted hitting Narsingh in the head following an argument over a pornographic magazine at the farm house.

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