10 counts of death by dangerous driving

The driver of the minibus which crashed into a parked lumber truck killing ten people three weeks ago in Linden was yesterday charged with ten counts of causing death by dangerous driving, police said in a release last evening.

Mark Lewis of Amelia’s Ward, Linden, was not in court yesterday, but police issued an arrest warrant for him.

The matter is now fixed for November 21, 2007. Lewis was the driver of mini bus BGG 9112 which crashed into the lumber truck killing: Colleen Bacchus, Lorraine McCurdy, Florence Cummings, Carl Austin, Carl McAlmont, Delroy Mitchell, Tyrese McLean, Evelyn Adams, Elaine Lashley and Paul Lewis, the conductor of the minibus.

The minibus with logo ‘Cobra’ slammed into a parked logging truck as it was ascending a hill at Amelia’s Ward.

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