Gunmen on Sunday shot and injured two miners and destroyed a shop during a daylight robbery at Eteringbang, close to the Guyana/Venezuela border.

Police said in a release that investigations have revealed that Brazilian businessmen Marco Antonio Doninaues, 40 years, and Joao D’ Oliveira, 37 years, were in Doninaues’ shop when an argument developed between him and one of the suspects. During this time the man who was armed with the handgun held up the two Brazilian businessmen and demanded gold. They were then joined by a third accomplice. The three bandits took away a quantity of raw gold from Doninaues and demanded more, the police release said. Upon being told that there was no more gold available the armed man shot Doninaues in his groin. The men then set the shop on fire which was completely destroyed.

The three bandits then went to another shop nearby where they held up the female attendant along with Anthony Melville, 27 years, a miner of South Sophia and took away $23,000 cash along with a quantity of cosmetics, perfume and female clothing. They then demanded cash from Melville and upon being told that he had no money, the armed man shot Melville in his left leg. The three bandits then escaped.

Police said that subsequent investigations by ranks led to the arrest of a man and a woman in a camp at Eteringbang and the recovery of some of the perfume, cosmetics and female clothing. They are in custody assisting in the investigations, the police release said.

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