Tacoma slams into same fence where six died

The driver of a Toyota Tacoma and four men narrowly escaped injury yesterday morning after the driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the concrete fence outside the Oceanville apartment complex.

Within minutes of the crash, persons converged on the Liliendaal public road as word spread that the vehicle had slammed into the very section of the fence that had been the scene of a horrific crash just over a week ago. The driver, who appeared to be in his early twenties, had no visible injuries but the Tacoma was damaged beyond repair. Bits and pieces of the vehicle were scattered on the bridge and in the compound of the complex and the concrete fence had once again crumbled into pieces.

According to reports at about 9 am the driver was attempting to overtake a car when he lost control of the vehicle, skidded across the wet road and slammed into the fence before turning over. At the time it had been drizzling. The impact sent a security guard and three men who were waiting to be interviewed scampering for their lives as the vehicle catapulted towards the fence. The driver was tight-lipped about the incident when the media attempted to get a comment.

Persons on the scene were astonished that two accidents could occur within days of each other and at the same place. Some blamed it on the supernatural and suggested that motorists should now proceed with caution when passing that particular area.

Several members of the Guyana Police Force were on the scene busily directing the flow of traffic and conducting investigations.

Businessman Omprakash ‘Buddy’ Shivraj whose brother owns the complex was also at the scene. Shivraj said the damaged section of the fence will be completely removed and the other section will be joined to the back of the guard hut.

A tow truck later came and removed the damaged vehicle.

Two Sundays ago six persons were killed after 26-year-old driver Anil Singh suffered a blow-out, lost control of his car and slammed head-on into the same section of fence. Singh along with his eight months pregnant wife, Famheda Bacchus, 24, his sister, 25-year-old Renika Singh, 12-year-old Alasie Samaroo, 11-year-old Sheerza Pooran and the security guard who was sitting in the hut at the time, Nandram Ramgopaul, 57, lost their lives. This accident followed on the heels of another which occurred at Amelia’s Ward, Linden, in which ten persons were killed when the minibus they were in crashed into the back of a parked lorry.

In light of this the authorities have signalled their intention to get tough with enforcing the traffic laws, threatening that there will be stiffer fines and zero tolerance on a number of infringements including overloading and the installation of boom boom boxes.

Since this pledge was made there has been a noticeable presence of traffic ranks on several main carriageways around the city.

Last Wednesday acting Commissioner of Police Henry Greene said that for the year there have been 177 deaths on the roadways representing a 52% increase in road facilities.

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