Upper Corentyne hit by constant blackouts

Residents of Upper Corentyne have had to endure more than one week of constant blackouts and are peeved that the Guyana Power & Light Inc. (GPL) has not seen it fit to inform them about what is going on.

They told Stabroek News (SN) yesterday that “the situation is frustrating and we are highly inconvenienced because when there is a blackout we do not get any water. We are punishing for light and water.”

A housewife told SN that the electricity sometimes comes on for a few hours during the night and “we are unable to do much with it. The voltage is too low to give enough pressure for the water to run and for my fridge and freezer to come on. The supply is below standard.”

She also said, “I had to throw away all my food I had in the fridge and I wasn’t able to do my laundry for three days. It never used to be like this.”

A resident of Corriverton, Ian Shaw said, “GPL never bothers to inform residents about what they are doing and this is not acceptable

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