Suriname cops to check bound bodies

Police from Suriname are expected in the country this morning and will be viewing the two bodies which were found on Thursday and Saturday in Corentyne, Berbice, since there are reports of missing men in the neighbouring country, local police said yesterday.

Stabroek News understands that the lawmen from Suriname will be at Ramoo’s Funeral Home at around 10 am this morning where the bodies are being kept. Meanwhile, the Tobago man who had contacted the police on Wednesday saying that the bodies may be those of his two brothers who went missing since July, did not arrive in the country yesterday but was expected sometime during the evening.

The brothers, ages 39 and 49 and whose names are Edgar and Vinton Frank went missing in July shortly after leaving Grenada on their cabin cruiser Reel Lucky. While sources say it is highly unlikely that the bodies are those of the two brothers it was indicated that if the relatives request to see the bodies then they would be allowed to do so.

The two bodies of the men were found on the Corentyne with their hands and feet bound with pieces of green rope.

Their heads were completely bald and their teeth, eyes, ears and parts of their faces were missing.

Persons who made the gruesome discovery had told this newspaper the men, who were without footwear, ap-peared to be just over five feet tall.

A fisherman had said that he bumped into one of the bodies last Saturday morning as he was going to check his seine.

He had said that he immediately turned back and alerted his son and brother who had a closer look.

The man’s hands and feet were tied together in front, almost in a crouching position and his body was braced on a mangrove tree. He appeared to be “nicely dressed” in a pair of “greyish” shorts and cream-coloured t-shirt.

The other body was discovered last Thursday by a gardener. The body was on the shore in the vicinity of a fish pond. The police were informed of the discovery and initial reports stated that the body, which was swollen, was clad in a pair of ‘three-quarter’ light-coloured pants and was found face down.

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