Traffic man leads pedestrians to court

Thirteen persons including teenagers were yesterday charged with walking across the road without adhering to the traffic lights.

Principal Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle fined two of the pedestrians $15,000 while the others were placed on a bond to keep the peace for nine months.

All the pedestrians were stopped by the police while crossing Brickdam and High Street yesterday when the traffic man signal was red.

Llewellyn Cordis, Nazeem Hack, Christine Pheng, Cyril Lall, Beverly Samwaru, Deonarine Samaroo, Oneal Pickering, Eusebia Jonas, Denton Shepherd, Lumeshnauth Roopchand, Ramesh Maniram, Bibi Zeleema Ally and Nirmala Das all pleaded guilty to the charge when they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court. Most of the pedestrians were on their way to work when they were stopped.

It is alleged that on November 1, at the said location, being pedestrians they proceeded to cross the road in the path of motor vehicles thereby endangering their lives.

The Magistrate fined Cordis and Hack $15,000 each or the alternative of 4 months in prison. They admitted to the court that they crossed the road while the pedestrian traffic signal was red.

The 11 others pleaded guilty but explained that while they were on the crossing the green man turned red and the police stopped them when they had reached the other side of the road. Some said that the time to walk across the road was too short. These persons were placed on a bond to keep the peace. She also told them that they have to walk briskly.

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