Barama helping to develop Cuyuni villages

Barama says it is focused on fostering a working relationship with communities close to its Cuyuni operations and asked representatives to propose projects for assistance.

According to a press release from the Region Seven Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Barama representative Mitzy Campbell met with Assistant Secretary of the CDC Lorna Alphanso from Kartabo, Batavia Toshau Orin Williams and Secretary Murphy Gomes, CDC Chairman Augustine Labadie of Itaballi and Assistant Regional Executive Officer Joylyn Blair on the issue. She told the group that they can make recommendations to the Cuyuni Joint Community Relations Committee and she handed over the committee’s Terms of Reference for their scrutiny. Campbell also collected information about the various livelihoods in the communities to ensure that Barama’s operations could not seriously impinge on their way of life. The data is also expected to inform the company of the communities needs which will aid it in identifying ways to improve facilities and services. Campbell also told the representatives that each community can propose a project and, in response Alphanso said Kartabo need a roadway graded for the school track from the Cuyuni/Mazaruni point to the Kartabo School and the ball field needed rehabilitation.

Alphanso also said Itaballi’s waterways are polluted and he asked the company to help them to access clean water.

He also asked for the playfield to be upgraded. The release said Williams too requested clean water supply for his community and for the health post and community centre to be maintained.

Campbell said the company will provide assistance however it expects the communities to maintain them. In closing she said Barama is committed to community development.

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