La Grange leak repairs will be fixed in three weeks -GWI

La Grange residents voiced concerns about leaks, the quality of water and other issues with representatives from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) during a meeting on Monday.

GWI Chief Executive Officer Karan Singh said there was a breakdown in communication between the company and contractors who provide water to the community and their services have since been terminated.

He also said while GWI deals with problems that have delayed the development of the well the company is forging ahead to ensure that the problems are resolved soon and service restored.

Residents say there is a trickle of water in the distribution lines but it is not sufficient for a flow. However, Singh said “the distribution of water via black tanks must not cease until there is a satisfactory level of pressure flowing in the lines.” The meeting agreed that GWI would employ another contractor to provide water while they repair the leaks, service the transmission lines, connections and monitor the service to ensure equitable distribution.

They also agreed that there should be more direct communication between residents and the company and that GWI personnel will meet with residents every Monday until the problems are resolved. GWI estimates that within three weeks most of the leaks will be repaired and residents would get water at the stand-pipe level.

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