Licence suspended …after death by dangerous driving charge

An Anna Regina man yesterday became the first person to have his photograph and name issued to the media after having his licence suspended following a charge of causing death by dangerous driving.

The licence of Ravindra Persaud of Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, was suspended pending the outcome of his death by dangerous driving case. He was charged with the offence on June 26 over an accident that took place on the Queenstown Public Road, Essequibo Coast.

The police yesterday said that the publication of photographs of drivers whose licences have been suspended or taken away is to garner support in ensuring that the suspended drivers do not continue to drive. The public is asked to notify the police if they observe any such person driving a vehicle while on suspension.

Meanwhile, the release said that Superintendent Neil Semple has been appointed substantive Traffic Chief.

The police force has embarked on a massive traffic campaign because of the number of horrific accidents occurring on the roadways mainly due to speeding. One accident in Linden claimed the lives of ten persons while another on the East Coast claimed the lives of six persons including a heavily pregnant woman.

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