Team assessing potential of organic produce in Region One

A high level team including Prime Minister Samuel Hinds left the city on Wednesday for Region One to check on projects and assess the potential for growing organic produce.

A Government Information Agency (GINA) press release said Hinds will lead the team which also includes Guyana Office for Investment Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Da Silva and representatives from a number of government agencies.

GINA said there are many opportunities for investment in Region One in forestry, agriculture, mining, handicraft and tourism and the team will be investigating the potential for each at the location.

The team was scheduled to meet with business persons at the Kumaka Extension Centre to scrutinize development at the industrial zone export shipping facility. Also, it was expected to make an assessment of the potential for the growth of organic coffee, cocoa, citrus, avocado and also at the development of handicraft and of livestock, poultry, cattle, sheep and goat rearing.

The group is also expected to visit the Wauna oil palm plantation to gauge the status of the peanut project while assessing the potential for the cultivation of other crops such as ginger.

On November 1, the team will visit the Waini District where it will examine operations by Forest Enterprises Limited and Amazon Caribbean Operations. It is also scheduled to meet business persons at the Kumaka centre to discuss the development of the industrial zone/export shipping alternative energy – solar and hydro – information technology, television broadcasting, seafood, forestry and tourism. The group will also commission the Digicel branch in the area.

Additionally, the team has planned to travel to Port Kaituma for a meeting at Matthew’s Ridge to discuss constructing a port in the area for overseas shipping. The agenda also includes discussing the prospects for aquaculture, forestry, agriculture and tourism projects.

The team is expected back in the city on November 4.

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