Women tells court forced into apartment at gunpoint, raped

A 24-year-old Lodge resident accused of raping an 18-year-old woman appeared in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday and was remanded to prison by Principal Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle.

S. Bamfield of Lot 40 Durban Street, Lodge was not required to plead to the offence which he allegedly committed on Tuesday.

The unemployed man said that the complainant came to his home willingly.

However the young woman denied everything that Bamfield told the court.

She said that while she was standing on the road, he brandished a gun and forced her to his apartment where he locked her up. She said that she tried to escape but he caught her and forced her back into the apartment where she was beaten, cuffed, kicked and raped.

The young woman added that he locked her up once again in the apartment and she managed to escape and seek the help of a woman who informed her relatives about the situation.

She said that her father came to collect her and while they were leaving, Bamfield pushed them off the bicycle they were on and assaulted her father. He was holding a knife in his hand, she said.

She said that persons called the police and when they came Bamfield was holding her hand and the knife.

The prosecutor said that Bamfield had no other charges in relation to this incident but he was charged before. The matter continues in Court Five on November 23.

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