Region Ten students exposed to agro-business career fair

The Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) and the agriculture ministry hosted a mini-exhibition for Region Ten students at the Linmine Constabulary Recreation Hall on October 24 to highlight potential careers in the sector.

A press release from the GMC said hundreds of students gathered at the Linmine Constabulary Recreation Hall at McKenzie to participate in the ‘Career Day’ fair. The GMC said the students were particularly interested in the opportunities in the non-traditional agriculture sector and the value-added products industry which includes forestry, crops and livestock, aquaculture and fisheries.

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud told the group that moving away from traditional forms of agriculture will ensure that Guyana remains competitive regionally and internationally. He also said in an effort to stimulate student’s interest in the sector significant sums have been spent this year to ensure that there is increased access to tools and demonstration plots in schools.

Wisburg Annex Secondary School teacher Angelina Yearwood commented that based on the amount of processed items on display it is clear that much potential existed in the food processing industry and there is a readily available market both locally and internationally.

The students said they were interested in several posts at the agency such as marketing manager, marketing officers, agriculture economist, marketing research, however; several said they would pursue a career as a marketing officer as it provides an opportunity to make a direct contribution to the growth of the sector.

The GMC is mandated to provide vital market information, technical support and facilitation services to farmers, agro-processors and exporters.

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