Stench from carcass disrupts Blairmont Court

The stench from a dead sheep that was left close to the stairway of the Blairmont Court forced matters to be heard in Magistrate Geeta Chandan’s chambers last Monday.

According to reports Magistrate Chandan spoke to prosecutor Hatty Anthony and the lawyers and they consented to the session being held in the chambers. But because of poor accommodation, trials had to be postponed.

Stabroek News understands that a few sheep were impounded in the court compound owing to a dispute involving a resident and a lawyer. One of the sheep reportedly died and no one made an effort to remove it.

Persons told this newspaper that the stench affected them a lot and a few of them vomited, including a lawyer who had to be given water. They said they had to cover their noses and “get out of there as fast as possible.”

They said also that the magistrate enquired why the station sergeant did not see that the carcass was removed and ranks responded that the sergeant was not there.

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