Berbice drivers decry new fines

Hire car and minibus drivers yesterday blocked the main thoroughfare at Tain, Corentyne to show disapproval over the hike in ticket fines and a number of schoolchildren were left stranded on the road because of a spontaneous increase in fares.

The drivers started the protest around 8:45 am yesterday and the police arrived shortly after and cleared the road to allow the traffic to flow freely. As some drivers continued to work, the protestors made a failed attempt to stop them by throwing a quantity of nails on the road.

Realizing this move was useless, the protestors were later seen picking up the nails while police officers from the stations at New Amsterdam, Albion, Rose Hall [Outpost] and Whim who were there to maintain order, looked on.

In an invited comment, assistant commander of ‘B’ Division, Balram Persaud told this newspaper “if the law says they have to pay a fine, then they have to pay a fine. The authorities make the law and we enforce it. The law is clear

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