Lawyer on three traffic charges

Attorney-at-law James Bond appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday on three traffic-related charges and was granted self-bail by Principal Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle.

Smiling brightly, the member of the local bar pleaded not guilty to three charges of speeding, having a tinted windscreen and an obscured licence plate and was granted self-bail by the magistrate. The charges arose out of an incident last week as the police were carrying out a traffic campaign.

Fellow attorney-at-law Leslie Sobers who appeared for Bond told the court that his client is a well-known member of society and a member of the bar. The defence counsel stated that Bond is 28-years-old and married. He added that apart from being a lawyer, his client was a “singer” also. Sobers requested too that an A for Anthony be added to the name on the jacket as “James Bond is a fictional character”.

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