Blankenburg women graduate from skills training course

The Region Three Information Department said 20 women recently completed a skills training programme at the Blankenburg Women’s Group.

According to a press release the eight-week course in skills training and capacity building was funded by the European Union and was conducted under the Guyana Micro-Projects Programme. The women, aged 15 to 52, were presented with certificates at a simple graduation ceremony hosted at facilitator Badewattie Kandial’s residence at Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara.

Regional Information Officer Jaidev Dudhnath said the programme was designed to assist underprivileged and “less academically skilled persons” and that it has helped to empower the women. He said the successful participants have now become employable and can play a meaningful role in their families’ development.

Kandial said the women were trained in sewing, tie-dye, batik, needlework and fabric painting. She said the participants showed a keen interest in leadership, image building and healthy lifestyles.

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