Woman accused of drug trafficking creates uproar in court

A woman accused of trafficking in narcotics is likely to face a charge of disorderly behaviour after behaving in an unruly manner when she appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Claire Gordon, no address given, pleaded not guilty to two charges of trafficking in narcotics and was remanded to prison by Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton.

It is alleged that last Friday at Georgetown, she had in her possession five grammes of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. It is also alleged that on the same day, also in the city, she had ten grammes of cocaine for trafficking.

Police Prosecutor Shellon Daniels told the court that the alleged drugs were discovered at different periods on the said day, hence the separate charges. As she was speaking the defendant was shouting in a loud voice and waving her arms and had to be cautioned several times.

She denied any knowledge of the offence. As Gordon continued with her tirade, even as she was ordered to be quiet, the magistrate finally cautioned her that she would be charged for disorderly behaviour if she continued. The defendant then took a vial from her clothing and while muttering sprinkled liquid around the courtroom.

Still shouting she was led from the courtroom and once outside began using indecent language.

She will return to court on December 18 at Court Five.

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