Lifeline Counselling office hit again by thieves despite alarm system

For the second time in about four months the Lifeline Counselling Service has suffered at the hands of thieves and this time the loss is heavier than in July this year.

According to Chief Executive Officer of the non-governmental organisation, Carlotta Williams there was another break and enter incident early Tuesday morning when thieves removed some 16 window panes on the eastern side of the lower flat of the building. They also removed computer apparatus to the tune of $172,000.

Williams said she is shocked at the incident particularly because the building is protected by an alarm system manned by the MMC Security Force Inc. She said she received a call from a representative of the security firm at around 4:30 on Tuesday morning and was informed that the alarm system went off and that checks were made and all was well.

However, when she arrived for work at around 7:30 the same morning at the Lamaha Street location she discovered that all was not alright. In fact the building was broken into and items were missing. She said the security firm has since promised that an investigation will be held. She said that she would need answers as something definitely went wrong. The alarm system is set to go off as soon as someone attempts to enter the building.

In July this year thieves broke into the storeroom on the eastern side of the building and entered the kitchen from where they removed a cooking gas cylinder, an electric kettle, $65,000 worth of hygiene items used in the orphans and vulnerable children programme and some school uniform material.

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