PC’s kitchen manager back at work

President’s College’s board voted to reinstate the acting kitchen manager following a meeting and the woman turned out to work on Tuesday after she was issued with a letter to this effect.

Claudia Shultz who was employed in the boarding school’s kitchen for over 11 years was dismissed for insubordination. However, the woman had told Stabroek News that she was fired for sending breakfast out to students on the morning they staged a protest on the Golden Grove Public Road, over the quality of water being supplied to the school. Shultz said she had been blamed too for sustaining the protest and taking part in its planning.

The woman also learnt that she was banned from entering the premises following instructions handed down by the chairman of the school board, this newspaper was told.

The Guyana Public Service Union, of which Shultz is a member, had intervened in the matter, calling the dismissal “illegitimate and not in keeping with due procedure.” The union had moved to the courts for redress on the matter.

Asked for an update on the woman’s position yesterday union head Patrick Yarde told this newspaper that the board had taken a unanimous decision to reinstate the woman and so the court document was rescinded. However, according to Yarde, there were issues which were raised in the letter which was signed to by board chairman David DeGroot which contradict the board’s decision and which the union will have to raise with him.

This newspaper contacted Shultz at the school and she confirmed that she had resumed her duties.

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