Residents involved in attempting to beat up a fourth form student of Port Mourant Community High (PMCH) after he reportedly threw an explosive into the compound of Belvedere Primary around midday Friday may be prosecuted by the police.

Third form students of Belvedere Primary retaliated by beating up students from PMCH and they were joined by the residents who reportedly ran to the compound with sticks. The residents were prevented from entering the school compound by two teachers at the gate.

It was not until the head teacher of the PMCH visited the school and promised that a full investigation would be conducted that the residents were appeased.

Vendors at the school had told Stabroek News that the fourth formers from the PMCH had bought something to eat and entered the compound. They went to the area where the Belvedere Primary students were eating and shortly after a loud explosion was heard causing the students to run away in fright.

The head teacher told this newspaper that the police would be dealing with the residents. He said there was a scuffle with the boy and the other students but he did not suffer any serious injuries.

According to him the student later visited the Belvedere Primary and confessed that he threw the explosive and offered an apology. He also gave a statement to the police.

A police source told this newspaper that the explosive which looks like a cartridge is known as the “thunder king bomb” and it is very dangerous. According to the source they are illegal and if persons are caught selling them they could face charges.

Some persons told this newspaper that the explosives are sold at certain shops and markets on the Corentyne but are not displayed to the public. They also said that the sellers, though they would sell it to some school children, are very cautious about selling it to anyone who looks “suspicious like the media or the police.”

Persons feel the devices are brought in from Suriname since they “have Dutch writing.” This newspaper went around to the Rose Hall market on Monday under the pretext of wanting to purchase the explosive but was told that “the persons who normally sell it left already.”

It was also observed that a variety of other firecrackers were being sold openly, reportedly for the upcoming Diwali and Christmas celebrations.

The police, the head teacher of the PMCH said, visited the school and they are happy that the teachers are dealing with the issue. He said that they are conducting investigations and based on the outcome they would enforce disciplinary actions.

Further, he said, parents should teach their children how to “spend their money wisely and not to waste it on things like firecrackers that are dangerous to their lives.”

The same explosive was used to destroy four toilets at the JC Chandisingh Secondary School during last week and the previous week. A police source had said that a student admitted to having purchased the explosives and blowing up two of the toilets.

However he refused to reveal where he bought the devices and gave the police conflicting stories. The child’s parents have agreed to fix the toilets.

During a visit to the school the head teacher confirmed to this newspaper that the student confessed to the incident and said he was suspended and is now back at school.

She said they are still conducting investigations and are trying to find out who the other culprits are. According to her both incidents occurred around the time that the school was on lunch recess.

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