Citizens must devote energies to national development -Jagdeo

President Bharrat Jagdeo said he hopes that citizens will use the occasion of Deepavali to enlighten their lives and devote their energies to developing the country.

In a press release the president said Deepavali celebrations are hosted on the darkness night of the Hindu calendar similar to what the Guyanese society is experiencing today; where adversaries and challenges abound but with sustained determination they are being overcome.

Jagdeo said today’s world is more competitive and as such “We are expected to be united in all our efforts to realize maximum benefits for our country and her people.” The president said problems will always confront us but with an indomitable will and courage, Guyana will overcome all hindrances, find solutions and further advance the country.

Guyanese from all walks of life celebrate Deepavali and the country’s multi-ethnic character is always stimulating and enriching, Jagdeo said, adding that this has allowed the infusing of different festivals in the true spirit of togetherness.

The president also said he hopes that this year’s celebrations “strengthens the bonds of friendship among our people, and inspires them all to work and build Guyana into a rich and economically viable nation.”

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