Fuel shortage hits Berbice agri

Due to a shortage of fuel at the Guyoil Company at Heathburn, East Bank Berbice since last Wednesday a number of agricultural operations on the Corentyne have been affected.

Gas station owner, David Subnauth told Stabroek News yesterday that he checked at the company and was told that they were out of gasoline, diesel and kerosene. He said the boat that normally distributes fuel to Guyoil is not expected until next Wednesday. ”

In the meantime, Subnauth, who is also the chairman of the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, said all operations for some rice millers and farmers have had to be ceased.

This newspaper understands that the fuel company only has a limited supply which they would “supply to the essential services such as the ferry, fire service and the police.”

According to Subnauth he and a few other gas station owners had planned to cross their trucks – fuel tank wagons – to access the fuel from Georgetown but officials at the Transport and Harbour Department did not allow them to do so.

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