Worship Lakshmi in all her dimensions

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha says devotees should use the occasion of Deepavali to worship Lakshmi Devi in all her dimensions to strengthen spiritual power which will help them to triumph against all obstacles.

In a press release the Sabha said Deepavali is basically Lakshmi puja where devotees pay homage to the goddess Maha Lakshmi Devi with reverence, love and affection. However, though Lakshmi is the “eternal source of fortune and abundance” the intention of the festival is not simply to seek material gains but equally spiritual exultation and bliss.

The Sabha said Deepavali creates the best atmosphere in an environment that is illuminated and where people greet and interact with each other with the fundamental message of the festival in mind. Deepavali has both a social aspect and a strong economic link where the commercial community prays to Lakshmi Mata so that they can enjoy greater economic advantages and prosperity.

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