BOSAI adding another kiln, addressing dust emissions to meet 2008 target

BOSAI Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc (BMGG) has sold 285,000 metric tonnes (MT) of RASC, chemical and cement grade bauxite to Europe and North America and plans to increase the height of its dryer and kiln ‘stack’ to reduce dust emissions, in the light of its extended production targets for 2008.

General Manager Steven Ma told Stabroek News (SN) recently that the company is on target with its production of RASC (Refractory ‘A’ Grade Super Calcined Bauxite) and has already sold 180,000 MT to Europe and North America, and production for this year is projected at 225,000 MT. Ma said the company has also sold 85,000 MT of chemical grade bauxite and 20,000 MT of cement grade bauxite mainly to North America.

He said the RASC projection for 2008 is set at 280,000 MT, chemical grade at 200,000 MT and cement grade at 100,000MT.

In the operations of past companies like Guymine and Linmine, chemical grade and cement grade bauxite were produced on a smaller scale and this newspaper understands that this is the first time that such large-scale production is being undertaken in both areas. This week and last, BMGG met with various stakeholders including the Linden Chamber of Commerce and Industry, churches, the Regional Democratic Council and sport groups to discuss dust emissions from the company. Human Resources Manager (HRM) Peter Benny told SN that it updated stakeholders on its production plans for next year as well. He said two kilns and a dryer will be operated year round next year to meet production targets for the RASC and the chemical grade bauxite.

Benny told this newspaper that they are in the process of completing a study on dust emissions, in conjunction with their parent company, China-based BOSAI Minerals Group Co Ltd, to develop a design for a dust collection system. The design, study and construction of the dust collection system will take more than a year and the company expects the system to be in place by late 2009.

In the interim, BMGG plans to put back the ‘stack’ (chimney on top of the dryer) to its original height, after the deteriorating top was removed. This move, the company believes, will reduce dust from the dryer and work has already begun in this regard and is set to be completed by year end.

Additionally, there are plans to increase the size of the kiln mesh feed at the wash plant and to increase the kiln stack, as another measure. Benny also said that the company will be looking at studies on dust reduction measures. The HRM said too that their fleet size will be upgraded and additional excavators, dozers, backhoes, loaders, off-highway trucks and others will be purchased by year end.

On February 12, the government waived its ‘Right to First Refusal’ and allowed BOSAI to buy a 70% stake in Omai Bauxite Mining Inc (OBMI). IAMGOLD entered into a US$46M agreement with BOSAI in December to sell the 70% stake it had acquired, through a buy-out of Cambior last November.

The government is the minority shareholder with a 30% stake in BMGG. BMGG began operations in April.

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