Heavily tinted vehicles on police radar again

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has signalled that the police will be moving to clamp down on those guilty of driving heavily tinted vehicles.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs publishes a number of notices in the newspaper on the laws and regulations in relation to tinted windows. We also publish a notice to importers [car dealers] warning them about the continuation of importation of such vehicles,” Minister Rohee is quoted as saying in a GINA release.

However, Rohee noted that government had been moderate and had been granting waivers to persons who had purchased vehicles that were imported with tinted windows. This, he said, was only valid for a year.

He explained that the ministry would provide a six-month waiver for persons who may have bought or imported a vehicle that was factory-tinted, to use the vehicle so that they could get their fitness.

“After that six months you get another six months so you get virtually a year to move around with that vehicle. At the end of that year you are expected to take that tint off the window or face the law.” The waivers are granted by the Minister of Home Affairs.

Meanwhile the minister pointed out that there were no permission papers for persons to place tints on their vehicles and he noted that his ministry would be clamping down on shops that were applying tints on vehicles.

“Everyone who has tint must have a waiver or it is illegal. We do not give permission for people to apply tint. We will be publishing a notice warning those people who have shops advertising that they apply tint, they should not apply such tint to vehicles.”

“The President, Prime Minister, Chief-of-Staff, Commissioner of Police nor me do not drive around with tinted vehicles.

Diplomats are the only persons exempted,” Minister Rohee emphasized.

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