Saints celebrates one hundred years in Brickdam this week

St Stanislaus College is celebrating one hundred years at its current Brickdam location this week and the Board of Governors of the school has planned a series of events to commemorate the anniversary.

An inter-faith service at the Brickdam Cathedral on Tuesday morning kicks off the activities and a formal dinner at the Georgetown Club will follow that same evening. Chief Justice Carl Singh, himself an old boy of the school, will deliver the feature address at the dinner, according to a statement from the board.

Other planned activities include the launch of a school magazine, an impromptu speech competition, a mathematics quiz and cricket and badminton competitions.

In 1907 Saint Stanislaus College, formerly the Catholic Grammar School, moved to Brickdam. The school was started in 1866 with two students by the Jesuits and had several addresses before closing temporarily in 1878. It re-opened two years later and was moved to the site of St Mary’s in Brickdam before settling at its current location.

St Stanislaus endured a fire in 1913, a college farm was opened in 1975 and one year later it became a government school. The Jesuits stopped running the college in 1980. A board of governors was installed in the school in 2005.

The present Board of Governors of the school includes Christopher Fernandes, Chairman; Keith Cholmondeley, Secretary; Esther McGarrell, Head; Mrs Ferrell, Deputy Head; Mrs Meertins; Andy Carto; Karen Gordon; David Singh; Kashir Khan; Robin Low; Winston Brassington; Anna Lisa Fraser-Phang; David Fernandes; Raymond Shaw; Nigel Hughes and Wendel Archer.

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