Vendors back at work after fire

Vendors in the lane where a fire, believed to be of electrical origin destroyed four stalls and damaged two others, were yesterday back at work, but were tightlipped on their losses insisting that it made no sense if they lamented such.

When this newspaper visited the lane where the fire occurred it was business as usual, but because of the water used to douse the fire, damage to some of the nearby stalls was evident .

However, efforts to speak with some of the vendors proved futile as one vendor lamented, “It don’t mek no sense we talk about nothing cause its not like they paying back for the damage we have here.”

This newspaper understands that the owner of the stall that had contained illegal firecrackers, which caused Thursday night’s fire to rage even more, is to be charged shortly.

However, the matter of the fire did not come up for discussion at the level of the Mayor and City Council’s (M&CC) statutory meeting which is held on every other Monday, this newspaper was reliably informed.

The M&CC Public Relations Officer told this newspaper that from his understanding, the matter was being investigated at the level of the City Constabulary Department and that the council had sought a report from the Fire Department as to the cause of the fire.

But Fire Chief Lawrence David was unable to confirm that any such request was made.

David on Friday had told this newspaper that the fire was believed to be electrical in origin and an M&CC official had showed this newspaper a burnt electrical meter which had several lines hanging from it.

He had said that it was believed that some of the vendors were stealing electricity and this was the cause of the fire. However, when the fire hit a certain stall, it picked up momentum and the sounds of exploding firecrackers emanated keeping fire fighters at bay for some time.

The fire occurred at the Stabroek Market Bazaar in one of the lanes where confectionery is sold.

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