Verbal abuse against women has become too prevalent

Dear Editor,

Five women have found precious time recently to pen their views and disgust, to varying degrees, on verbal abuse against women: Naicelis Williams ‘Women are regularly subjected to vulgar remarks and obscene suggestions’ (Stab News 07.10.07), Sharmillah (Penny) Narine ‘I don’t mind cat calls from men’ (Stab. News 07.10.09), Joyce Simon ‘Women like men’s attention when it’s complimentary not degrading’ (Stab. News 07. 10. 11), Diane Lee ‘Women have to stand up and demand respect’ (Stab. News 07.10.13) and Dionne Frank ‘There are inherent power relations in these male remarks’ (Stab. News 07.10.14). I found Joyce Simon and Diane Lee attempting to deprecate the entire male gender of Guyana when they say “

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