Good intentions are often not fulfilled

Dear Editor,

Just read your Sunday editorial captioned “Burnham and education”. As they say, “roads to mediocrity are paved with good intentions”. I recommend that you read Andres Oppenheimer’s column “La Mediocridad Educativa” 21.10.07 in the Nuevo Herald, I am sure it will be published soon in The Miami Herald. When will Latin America stop blaming others for their problems? I’m latino and I think that is our biggest problem.

I also read your article when the Guyana government took away their ads in your newspaper, remember that all governments don’t like a free press, they can press you in several ways: cut your imports of paper, no ads, visits by revenue, etc,etc.

You have to adapt to these situations. I read your newspapers every day, you just have to be more creative, you’ve lost the first battle but with your staff you can win the war.

Remember that journalism is investigation, with facts no one will doubt you. Good luck on this adventure and please congratulate your whole staff.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick De Cambra

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