Mr Corbin should not have restarted the meeting

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr Eustace Harlequinn’s letter captioned “Mr Mc Allister’s behaviour was immature and irresponsible” (07.10.18)and wish to differ with him on some of the issues he posited. As a member of the party I strongly believe that respect should be given where due and the leader should be afforded such respect once he shows respect to his followers. I have never known or seen in all of my life within the party any leader at the various levels of the party visiting any group or committee meeting and displaying such disrespect and unconstitutional attitude toward the membership.

Mr Corbin turned up at the meeting which was already in progress and subsequently given the chance to address the members present had no prerogative to restart a meeting that was already in progress. This attitude and unprofessional behaviour by the leader of our party was uncalled for and what he has done there was not only trying to belittle our party’s membership but also himself.

To be involved in such petty issues is really telling the nation and its members that Robert Corbin is only concerned with his political power and control of those he can control and once you are not for him he is there to destroy you.

While morally Mr McAllister may be viewed as acting in an irresponsible and unprofessional manner, this may have been due to the frustration and lack of confidence he and others would have found in the leader Mr Robert Corbin who would have continued to display a high level of arrogance within our party.

Instead of Mr Corbin seeking to heal the wounds already there he is causing more and the further division of our party.

Yours faithfully,

Garfield Boston

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