Mr Corbin was not properly nominated

Dear Editor,

I would like to refer to the GLU’s upcoming elections at its 5th Triennial Delegates Congress for the post of President General. As I see it we are heading for a disaster. There are three solid points I wish to bring to your attention.

1. Mr Godwin McPherson should not, under any circumstances, stand as Returning Officer for the Union’s Elections. Mr McPherson is a close ally of Mr Corbin.

2. Mr Corbin was not nominated for any office in the union. Then out of the blue four civilian members of the Guyana Defence Force unconstitutionally submitted Mr Corbin for President General after nominations had passed; the rules of nomination state that nominations have to be made by the entire branch not a few members.

3. Lastly it would be fitting for the General Secretary to make public a list of all the nominees for the various offices that were submitted in accordance with regulations.

As I know it the Returning Officer should be a neutral person.

Yours faithfully,

Tunkus Abdulah Stewart

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