Our poll shows the battle is between the PNM and the UNC

Dear Editor,

The November elections in Trinidad are turning out to be quite interesting. Although it appears that the PNM will win the elections, a close outcome is still possible at this late stage. The last NACTA poll almost a week ago had the PNM leading the opposition 25-16 seats. But other polls are suggesting a different outcome. Some show the contest between COP and PNM with the UNC faring poorly.

People are confused by the varied poll numbers. But I feel the battle is between the PNM and UNC with COP struggling behind. It is conceivably possible for COP to win a seat that is normally won by the PNM if UNC supporters put aside differences and line up behind the COP. The UNC can win more seats and even win the government if COP supporters line up behind the UNC in close contests between the UNC and PNM.

Yours faithfully,

Vishnu Bisram

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