The President should reconsider the ads decision

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate Mr Rickey Singh for his letter, captioned “The Stabroek News ads decision” published in the Guyana Chronicle on October 23, 2007. I too have followed this story from the inception and have read with heightened interest both sides of the coin. I fully endorse Mr Singh’s contention that we are not “back to square one,” as the good Fr Malcolm Rodrigues suggested and “that freedom of the press is not a fundamental issue in Guyana.”

I however, wish to add my voice for sober minds to prevail and, for the reasons stated so eloquently by Mr Singh, that the President reconsider his decision and restore Guyana’s pride of freedom and democracy to the highest esteem. Anything short of a complete reversal of government’s policy on this matter would be tantamount to an insult to the legacy of the party of the great Cheddi Jagan

Karamchand Ramassar

Editor’s note

Mr Rickey Singh’s letter appeared in the online edition of the Chronicle of October 23, 2007, but not the printed edition. It appeared in both the online and the printed edition on October 24.

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