Which agency conducted a survey on the ads issue?

Dear Editor,

Being a frequent reader of all three daily newspapers I was asked whether press freedom is under threat with respect to government’s decision to withdraw advertisements from the Stabroek News which is based on the decline in newspaper circulation.

I responded that I am not in a position to fully give a satisfactory answer because I am not qualified enough to tell if press freedom is under threat, but I will now share my personal opinion.

Government’s decision on the issue is totally irresponsible and immature and their continued reluctance to overturn the decision shows that they need to seriously review the contracts of their advisors.

Which agency was contracted to conduct a survey? Which regions were part of the survey?

Were those results ever made public?

As a frequent local traveller within most of the regions in Guyana I will publicly share my independent findings after speaking to persons and from observations on the issue.

The Guyana Chronicle is not very popular in Bartica, Moruca, Charity, Pomeroon and the remote interior locations.

Government needs to reconsider its position on the issue in question. Negotiation or dialogue with Stabroek News will be a smart and intelligent decision.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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