It’s a shame our MPs haven’t agreed on this commission

Dear Editor,

When PM Sam Hinds referred to the inability of our Parliamentarians to agree on the establishment of the Indigenous People’s Commission at the recent Amerindian conference we were reminded of the entrenched disunity among our political parties at the highest forum in the land who swore to rise above party loyalty, egoism and deception and to dedicate all their intellect to enhancing Guyana’s welfare and more so in this instance our Amerindian community.

To disagree and debate is a blessing ,but it is a huge transgression for our variances not to be discerned with open minds to omit, include, amend and mutually agree on matters which directly withhold betterment for all. This is a betrayal of public trust and while their emoluments are lucrative and up to date the stagnation of people ‘s overall welfare is in jeopardy via the people who they voted for and ironically who are supposedly the intelligentsia of our future.

Yours faithfully,

Aasieya Hussain

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