There have been major improvements since 1992

Dear Editor,

Prior to 1992 the country was experiencing severe problems with water, electricity, housing and other social problems. Has the situation improved? As a patriotic layman, here is my take.

First the government has reduced poverty from 75 – 85% to 30-35%. That is clear progress.

Housing, water and electricity have improved tremendously. There is construction going on everywhere. Roads and bridges are being built, electric poles are going up and water lines are running at a rapid pace. One must be reminded that everything has a cost attached to it.

There are other visible signs that there are improvements, For example one can see the vast increase in new vehicles on the east coast, east bank, west coast and the capital city, Georgetown where it’s so congested.

There are improvements in wages and salaries not what we want but there are. Now there is talk about the Hydro Power Project so that the electricity bill can be lower.

Had it not been for “slow fire and mo fire ” and the brokering of the Herdmanston Accord the country would have been far ahead. There are failures also but failure and success go hand in hand as negative and positive.

As a layman I would appeal to all progressive Guyanese let us put our hands and heads together to bring about even more improvements. Its in order for this government to be extolled.

Yours faithfully,


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