Animal carcasses being dumped in Hadfield street

Dear Editor,

There is nothing more disgusting than inhaling the smell of a decomposing animal upon entering a street first thing in the morning. I can tell you, it is nauseating and pollutes the surroundings too. Have people forgotten the proverb “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”? I always heard that saying as a child growing up and it has remained with me.

I am an employee of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission. Also located in this area is the Enterprise Nursery and Primary School. This area is a residential one. Frequently, upon entering Hadfield Street, you are greeted with the smell of decomposing animals tied in polythene bags. The carcasses are often times swollen and surrounded by flies. These bags are thrown in the drains or trench. Can you imagine the children, the teachers and other persons using this street having to endure this as they pass the carcass on a daily basis?

I would like to recommend to the members of this community that they look out for the culprits who pollute the area and ensure they desist from such practices. To the culprits you can either: (1) bury the dead animal in your backyard or (2) Contact the Mayor and City Council – Cleansing Department on telephone number 223-5123 and make arrangements with them to remove the dead animal.

Yours faithfully,

Maricia Dublin

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